Dear new home owner….

September 16th, 2015

8 tips for homeowners

Crying – then laughing – over the mess of spaghetti on your new chair.

Dropping your purse, your worries…and your bra…at the front door.

Sharing cold drinks and warm stories in the backyard with friends until the wee hours.

Walking around naked whenever you please.

Home Sweet Home.

A new home is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever experience, but it can also be rather stressful….

How should I decorate? With what money? What style?

Where do I even begin?

We’ve lived in our home for 6 years and I want to shout these tips from the rooftop to every excited-yet-overwhelmed new home owner.

  1. L I V E   W I T H   I T   F O R   A   W H I L E

Although it’s tempting to fill the spaces quickly, this will actually cost you more time, money – and headache in the long run. So often we rush and buy things we don’t end up needing – or even liking.

Eat, dine, lounge, craft, play, live, and breathe in the space for at least a few months to figure out what you truly need.

Keep an ongoing list and begin saving money. Evaluate your list (+ your budget) in a few months and see what makes the cut. You’d be surprised how much you’re ready to swipe off the list after really living in the space for a bit.

Rome wasn’t built in a day –  nor should your sacred oasis called HOME.

  1. H A V E   A   P L A N

This is CRUCIAL for saving you time and money.

Take the time to discover your style, establish a (realistic!) budget, and set a timeline.

Without a plan, it’s easy to run in circles – spending money on items you don’t truly need or aren’t the right fit for you, your style, or your home. You may keep the items out of guilt (hello, clutter) – or waste precious time and energy running around town returning the items.

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  1. S A V E   T O   S P L U R G E

You have a tiny budget and want to stretch it far. Oh how I understand that! Home design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Refer back to your plan and know your limits – what you want to splurge on and what you want to save on. General rule: Pick 1-2 items in each room to splurge on and save on the rest!

SPLURGE: High quality workhorse items // classic + neutral

(sofa, appliances, rugs, lighting, etc.)

SAVE: Interchangeable items // trendy + colorful

(throw pillows, accent furniture, lamps, paint, etc.)

Save money on your home – to spend more on the life you’ll be living in these spaces – parties, dinners, travel memories, hobbies, etc….

  1. G E T   C L E A R   O N   W H A T   E A C H   S P A C E   I S   F O R 

I could write a whole  post on this topic (and probably will!),  but I simply cannot stress how important it is to keep each space sacred.

For example, the bedroom is for 2 things : sleep + sex. But so often we put a TV in this place intended for rest and love – and suddenly the space becomes about lounging (sluggish), news-watching (depressing), or entertainment (distracting). And while all of these things aren’t necessarily bad on their own – they certainly take away from the life we desire…the life we should be living….the life we deserve.

  1. I G N O R E   T R E N D S  //  K E E P   I T   C L A S S I C  //  M A K E   I T   M E A N I N G F U L .

Trends come and go. Classic is well…timeless. And meaningful goes a long, long way.

So use Pinterest, home magazines, and blogs as inspiration and take what you will from them, but be so careful not to compare your home to others. It quickly steals the joy from your amazing space – imperfections and all.

Your home. Your memories. Your sacred escape.

  1. R E M E M B E R   L I F E   B E Y O N D   Y O U R   H O M E

When we first moved in we had serious house-brain. We barely left our new little home. Heck, we barely left the bedroom (#newlyweds).

We were spending so much time, money, and energy on our new little home that we failed to save time for friends, save money for date night, and save energy for exercise (though painting the entire living room is plenty ‘o exercise).

However, I think it’s important to remember your passions outside the home – travel, sports, hobbies, crafts…or just socializing with friends at your favorite bar.

Meet the neighbors. Explore the neighborhood. Get out of the house….

  1. S T A R T   ( &   F I N I S H ! )   O N E   R O O M   A T   A   T I M E

So I feel a bit very hypocritical writing this as my office, bedroom, and kitchen are all currently unfinished. But hear me when I say (and I’ve learned this the hard way!) – when you are spreading your energy (+ time and budget) among multiple projects – progress is just that much slower.

Focus on one main space (perhaps the space you think you will be spending the most time in) and knock it out of the park.

Finish the space and then move onto the next space.

But also know this….

  1. I T ’ S   N E V E R   T R U L Y   F I N I S H E D

You are growing, changing, evolving. Your home should grow and change with you.

Bringing your home to life with your stories and your style is not a destination – It is a journey.

A beautiful – sometimes hard – but very worthwhile journey.

So don’t wait for perfect to start living in your home…
Welcome home.

New homeowners:  what’s currently your largest struggle? // Experienced homeowners: what would you add to the list?

M A K E    R O O M   F O R    M E A N I N G .


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