Kill that pile o’junk….for good.

August 4th, 2015

Oh, hey, here’s some unexpected decluttering advice. Let it pile it up. Yup, you heard me right. Let. It. Pile. Up.

When your shit stuff piles up, it’ll make you go crazy. And you can use that craziness to hit that pile like a…well, a crazy person.

But, more than anything this pile o’ yours will tell you where your problems lie.

For me, I have a shelf in the dining room that is the ultimate catch-all. We pile mail, keys, stationary, supplies, etc. on this shelf. And, because I’ve not devoted the time or energy to hit it like a crazy person…it just sits there…taunting me…making me even more crazy.

I am a firm believer in clean, uncluttered surfaces. So how did I let this happen? Well, I’ve been busy. Oh, and I’m not perfect (gasp!).

So this shitstorm giant pile tells me three problems I have:
1) We need a (small!) designated area for mail – perhaps vertical (so it can’t pile up)
2) I should stay on top of my clutter, before it makes me go crazy and write a post on letting it pile up. Ha.
3) With a proper system, it will be much easier to stay on top of this pile, insuring it doesn’t happen again.

Problems Are Gifts that inspire us to take action - Sincere Spaces

So, if you’re struggling with a pile of your own – take a deep breath and give thanks for your little wake up call….I sure did.

Later this week, my newsletter subscribers will receive the exact steps I took to not only solve my problem, but insure this nasty little pile doesn’t pop up again. If you’re not signed up, be sure to do so at the bottom of my site.

M A K E   R O O M   F O R   M E A N I N G .


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