It's not just style....It's your story.

You shop for the sofa, pick the pillows, hunt for the hardware….and you’re freakinpooped.

You imagine that when your home looks a certain way, you’ll finally feel great. Sometimes you do.
Most of the time, you don’t. 

We forget that the spaces we lust after on Pinterest are for someone with  different passions, different goals….a different life.

So, what if we started working from the inside out? Getting clear on how you wanted to feel…      

Radiant. Bold. Creative. Energized. Connected.

….and design your home around what lights you up? ‘Cause that’s where the magic happens.

The soulful spaces. The passion-filled parties. The home that becomes your story.

You’re shifting into a new life chapter. Growing. Evolving. TransformingBut your home says otherwiseYou want your space to support this new you….without investing more money on a sofa than your child’s education.

That’s where My Sincere Style can give you a renewed excitement for your home – taking you from feeling paralyzed with options – to an energized clarity, so you can move forward, designing your home with ease + confidence.


After years of designing for clients whose sole purpose was to have their home look like their neighbor’s (only slightly better…obviously), I was fed up. 

I craved more soulful stories. More substance and depth. More “OMG. This. Is. So. ME” spaces.

Afterall, our home is our most sacred territory – an escape from the crazy outside world. Shouldn’t it express us, comfort us… nourish us? So, I’m on a mission to replace cookie-cutter design with sincere style.

Imagine what it would feel like to host guests – in a home that you’re finally proud of? Blowing away your friends, family (and mother-in-law!)…. without saying a word. From “ohmygawd!” pillows to “holy shit!” rugs – your one-of-a-kind style demands attention. You didn’t just invite people into your home. You invited them to share a little piece of you. Because your true style is an extension of you – your energy, your passions, your dreams.

You feel understood, because you have a space that speaks for you. A space that ignites (meaningful!) conversation. And, most importantly, a space that supports and comforts you.
Get clear on your style – and who you really are – as both continue to evolve.

Sincere Style is a 4 week program where we clear the clutter to uncover the layers of who you are – and breathe your unique style into your home.



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