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Style Clarity

Clear the clutter and uncover your true design style for a space that nurtures, connects, and inspires…oh, and looks amazing too!

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Home + Life Clarity

Get clear on what you truly want in life and create the space that delivers everything you desire.
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Physical Products

(used alone....or with a Sincere Space package for extra-juicy results!)

The Desire Map Book


…if you’re ready to turn your life inside out – in the best way possible.

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The Desire Map Workbook – Single


…if you’ve done the Desire Map before – or if you’re attending a guided workshop (otherwise, get the full book!).

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The Fire Starter Sessions


…if you’re interested in turning your passion into an amazing business.

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Peace, Clarity, Love, Energy Dosha Candles


…if your surroundings affect your well-being (and if you’re here…I’m bettin’ they do).

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The Desire Map Planner


….if you want to plan your day, week, and month around the way you want to feel.

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Core Desired Feelings Tattoos


…if you need a soulful reminder –  or you just wanna’ show off your core-desired-feelings…loud and proud.

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