Savor the Summertime

July 20th, 2015

Swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the lake. Swimming in the pool…

Reading a book in the hammock with a glass of tea (unsweet, please!).

Sticky s’mores over a moonlit campfire.

Dinner…straight from the garden.

Margaritas on the patio.

Family vacations.

And sweat – soaked clothes by 9:00 AM. (Oh. Only in Oklahoma?)

Sweet, sweet summertime. I. just. can’t. get. enough.

Courtney Carver, of Be More With Less, has introduced a little program I am so excited about….


S A V O R   T H E   S U M M E R T I M E   2 1 – D A Y   E M A I L   P R O G R A M :

Courtney says: “As adults, we still love summer, but with everything we pile on top of the usual day-to-day busyness on in the name of enjoying the summer, it slips away before we have  time to really enjoy it.”

If you feel like summer is flying by, or if you are crazy-busy and want to get off the crazy-busy bus to linger a little, it’s time to take back your summer.

You’ll receive your first email on Monday, July 27th when you sign up here

M A K E   R O O M   F O R   M E A N I N G . 


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