The Power of Pink

February 10th, 2017

“I’ve been sooo obsessed with pink spaces lately!”, I told her as I rambled on about

my desire for more purity, more softness, and just a little more “ohhhhh” in my interiors lately.



Tigmi Trading


Master Bedroom Light:

Honestly WTF

We share the same anniversary date, same love of romantic farmhouses …even the same name.

So, I wasn’t really surprised when my friend said “I’m LOVING pink too!”

But it felt deeper than that.

I started thinking about what a funk our world is in today….Confused, hurt, scared, aching, longing, fearful, uncertain.

And suddenly, my friend and I’s mutual love of pink didn’t feel so random.

Design is a tool to speak what we can’t always find the words to say.

good design

Pink feels Innocent. Nurturing. Forgiving…and yet a little daring.

And, in these intense times, we’re craving that sincerity in our spaces.


a touch of blush.:
Simon Watson Photography
Archer Interiors


Main Ensuite- Ep 4 | Rebecca Judd Loves – Melbourne Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger:
Rebecca Judd Loves

Home is where we process life…..or just escape from it all.

But, hey, maybe pink doesn’t automatically equal peace, comfort, or love for you….

Maybe you’re craving a different kind of softness:

So…what’s love look like in your home?

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